It starts again!
Off to spring!
Off to spring!
This year we are finally happy to welcome our first guests again without postponements as planned in March! From 19.03. it goes off with old familiar faces but with fresh momentum as ever!
Colourful garden

Colourful garden

Where flora and fauna live in all their glory

Are you looking for a tranquil spot? Our large Mediterranean garden is the perfect place for this. Here, you can relax and be happy without a care in the world by the clear mountain pond, beneath a mighty palm tree or on the plush lawn.

“When man comes to rest, then he acts.”

Francesco Petrarca
Our Hotel Kassian is surrounded by 20,000 square metres of flourishing wine terraces and apple trees. On the sunny Lagundo Sonnenhang, fruit thrives beautifully! We have created a colourful garden around the house where a wide variety of plants grow. Fragrant rose bushes, tall palm trees, artfully shaped cacti and spicy herbs rise upwards to the sun.

Amidst this green patch of earth, it is easy for you to find a delightful spot where you can enjoy uninterrupted views across the Merano basin to the mighty Dolomites. Listen to the singing birds, admire the fluffy clouds in the sky or immerse yourself in a riveting book. Your soul feels at home in the middle of the thriving plant world.

Thoroughly cared for

Feel right at home