It starts again!
Off to spring!
Off to spring!
This year we are finally happy to welcome our first guests again without postponements as planned in March! From 19.03. it goes off with old familiar faces but with fresh momentum as ever!
Fitness in the Kassian

Fitness in the Kassian

Stimulate the circulation

Our fitness room wears truly traditional, authentic apparel. Hardly surprising as it is located in the cellar of our old farm. This doesn't mean it's not modern though. On the contrary, it emanates a rustic ambience and ideal training temperatures all year round. The perfect place to get yourself into top form!

"He who tells himself that he can achieve his goals will inevitably succeed."

Dalai Lama
Do your health some good with an extensive workout. You can in our Hotel Kassian. With its contrasting style of rustic stone walls, sunburnt wood and modern training equipment, our fitness room is something very special. Interested in how a workout feels in this room?

The meter-thick, breathing natural stone wall is not only beautiful to look at, it also increases the impact of your training: ensuring pleasantly cool temperatures in summer and winter as well as doing your airways good. You can improve your fitness in any weather with the latest Technogym equipment. Then jump into the fine panorama pool or have a go in our infrared sauna and you'll feel like a new person.

Thoroughly cared for

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