Golden autumn gift
Off to spring!
Off to spring!
Let us give you a gift of a vacation day! You deserve it in these exhausting years! For example, when booking a country house room south side for seven nights, the final price is 115 euros per person per day including half board and . Discover the unique panoramic and herbal saunas between wood and glass and of course with a view.
Our farm

Our farm

Feel extremely well catered for in a rural atmosphere

The Tyrolean eagle forged in bronze already gives a hint that our hereditary farm "Huber unterm Baum" is special. It was awarded to us because our farm has been passed on within the family for more than 200 years. Hospitality has also been passed down from generation to generation.

“When the roots go deep, the branches thrive well.”

from China
The year 1982 saw the passing of the Erbhof Law in South Tyrol. Since then, we and a further 1,100 farming families, have ceremoniously received the certificate of inheritance and the shield of the Tyrolean Eagle. For us, the award means that we always remain true to our origins, yet keep up with the times.

We live in a traditional way, grow numerous foods ourselves and produce our own farm products. At 1,200 years old, our rustic wine cellar is still in very good shape. This is where our four wine varieties are stored, fermented and matured to an authentic taste and where you can then enjoy them. Our closeness to nature is reflected in all corners of our house. Don’t even try to escape the authentic charm of our heritage farm.

The apartments combine modernity and tradition: the modern furnishings are surrounded by thick, centuries-old walls that give you a sense of security. You will certainly find peace and well-being here. Let your gaze wander from the rustic wooden balconies, the swimming pool wreathed by vineyards or the tranquil little spots around the farm. What a feeling of freedom!

Thoroughly cared for

Feel right at home